Sunday, November 30, 2008

Your Outfit Is NOT as Cool as You Think It Is...

Whoever invented leggings, sweaters that are too short, and Uggs as an outfit needs to be drug into a large group of people and mauled to death by something in the large feline family. I think a tiger would do just fine.
There are many other outfits that can be seen romping through department stores that make me want to hurt small children for no reason. The fact that these jolly holiday shoppers can loaf through their day at the mall in their WAY to skinny jeans with a toddler-sized shirt on is just plain offensive to those of us who go though the day with our eyes open. I understand we cannot all afford personal assistants, but when did mirrors get so expensive?

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The GRAY Area said...

Amen! Let us not forget those whose bellies are hanging out from under their shirts (men AND women)and those who think wearing pajamas to the mall is okay!