Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm Gonna Leave You Alone 'Til You're Off the Damn Phone!

OK...I understand we are busy people.
Traffic Sucks.
Waiting in line is a drag.
Dropping off kids, not terrible.
Picking up the kids, less than desirable.
The list goes on...

We are always finding ways to be more efficient and make things during the day happen faster. That being said, let me state for the record, you are NOT speeding ANYTHING up by talking to Chatty Cathy while like, omg shopping. I promise. (like, totally)

Clearly you are in my place of business for a reason, and that's all good and gravy. But, I do not respond well to waving, pointing, whispering, or the expectation that I can read your mind simply because you are on your cell phone. Please take a moment, terminate your meaningless conversation with your son's best friend's mother, and tell me how I can be of help to you. Until then, you are just a random person floating around the store having a conversation with, well, no one maybe.

Now the big pet peeve...Bluetooth Headsets. Yea, do I honestly need to say anymore? I am so happy that you have a trendy (dorky) looking way to talk to your "peeps", but to me you just look like you are from the loony end of the hospital, just out for the day, and talking to yourself.

BLAH. Happy Monday...

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