Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Rare, but Beautiful Occurance...

Every now and again, a "Day Off" rolls around. If you are like me, you have planned for this day all week. (and by plan, I mean put off small household tasks during the week by stating, "Oh I have Tuesday off, I'll have the whole day to get things done!") So, being the devout List Maker that I am, the night before a day off I make a beautiful "To-Do List" hand-crafted with productivity and cleanliness woven through the very core of its existence. It typically goes a bit like this...

Hang curtains.
Make bed.
Vacuum living room and hallways.
Empty dishwasher.
Dust fan blades.
Clean bathrooms. (Toilets, tubs, etc.)
Organize DVD's.
Make cookies.
Get nails done.
Throw load of laundry in the wash.
Clean out fridge.

And no matter how wonderful that little list looks that night, it NEVER looks the same on your day off. My mentality changes and I get defensive with the list saying, "Umm, this is my day off. I don't have to do anything today!" At this point, the productivity and cleanliness get effortlessly washed down the drain with the dirty dish water that never was. Instead, the day that was to be filled with joy and organizing, goes a bit more like this...

Wake up too early when devil beam of sunshine blares through naked window with only mini blinds to stand in its way.
Kick covers off bed.
Attempt to vacuum.
Discover vacuum is clogged.
Make BIGGER mess.
Curse vacuum.
Have sneezing attack; Blame it on dusty fan blades.
Try to relax and watch a movie. (give up when I can't find your favorite movie, or any that I would even settle on watching.)
Light Christmas Cookie scented Yankee Candle.
Clip toe nails.
Clean out fridge.

At least I can say I accomplished one thing from the original list. Who cares that I probably chose that particular item based solely on the fact that I got to eat afterward. Not to worry though, I have 2 days off next week. I'll have plenty of time to get everything done then...

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