Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Festive? or Rediculous? FINE LINE

I LOVE the holidays and being festive and all that jazz...
That being said, what I saw the other day was shocking and perhaps disturbing to some viewers.(intervention) An exuberant, "festive" couple gallivanted through the mall with enormous things on their head. Yes, Momma and Poppa "Festive" wore large felt antlers all day. Neat, huh? Perhaps they are the "wacky, zany" couple at all the Christmas parties I'm sure they get invited to, but at the mall...they just looked stupid.

Oh, but wait...the funzies didn't stop there. Also along for the ride were Grandma and baby Crazy Claus with, you guessed it, jolly Christmas garb atop their soft spots. This is what pushed it right over the line for me, and let me tell you why. This just turned their escapade from a humorous discovery of a couple pair of antlers (probably from one of last year's awesome Christmas parties), to a purchased for and planned event. Which means, they actually woke up one morning, rolled over in bed to one another, and said "Hey, do you want to wear antlers to the mall?". Then the other said, "Oh, why yes. In fact, let's not stop there. Let's get a pair for Mom and Young Johnny!" So they hopped in their Ford Focus and away they went. First, to purchase genuine Christmas Antlers from the local Party Place, then straight to the mall to be pointed and starred at for 4 and a half hours.

If that isn't Christmas Spirit, I'm not sure I know what is...

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Extra Ordinary Boy said...

so...blogging! lol

not as easy as it seems, huh? just kidding. get back on the horse, though...i live for this stuff.